Women are Awesome

A couple weeks ago, I had a medical situation.

I had a cyst on my ovary that collided with a blood vessel, exploded, and bled all inside me. Doctor’s response, “Yea that happens to women sometimes. It should all reabsorb in a few weeks. You can go home”

Let’s just play that back for a second. If you have a cyst or bleed internally in ANY other part of your body, you would hear “Oh wow, we need to take care of that. You might die”

But when it’s in your lady bits, “Eh, you’ll be fine.”

Why? Because woman are badass. We are biologically and mentally made to handle it all. Here are just 3 three reasons that woman are the bomb.com.

The Obvious

Yea, women have periods and give birth and all that. Everyone knows how seemingly impossible and awesome that is. That’s not the badass part. The insane part is that a majority of the women in the world choose to do this ridiculous thing more than once.

That’s like the guy from 127 hours sawing off his arm, waiting a bit, and thinking, “Aw, that wasn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll climb back up that mountain and take a hack at ol’ lefty.”

It’s insane.

We don’t give a what about your inequality.

Women can get paid less, be edged out of the majority of powerful positions and be classified only by their gender on a daily basis, we’ll just keep slaying where we can and slowly chipping through that glass.

Regardless of your political beliefs, we can all give a nod to our ladies up on capital hill (or the one’s trying to get there). Everyone tells them it’s a boy’s club and they stand no chance, to which they respond, “Yea, I don’t care, I’m going to do it anyways.”

We could all pack it in and go home, but instead, we’ll continue to slowly take over the world, one position at a time. You know…..equally.

Maternal Instinct and Hormones

As women are biologically programmed to raise and protect the next generation, we are equal parts empathetic and FIERCE. We can put together a cute little care package for a friend and lift a car off a dying child in the same day.

To the world, our emotions are seen as a weakness. Sure, maybe we shed a few tears when we don’t get that promotion, but don’t mistake this for a soft spot. Those tears are just salty fuel that feeds the fire we have to come back and f**k s**t up. We’ll dry our eyes and be early to the office the next day, ready to earn that spot. No matter what.

Also, I don’t hear anyone complaining about our emotions when we are throwing surprise parties for birthdays, cheering like a #1 fan in the stands, listening and helping a friend through a tough time, or baking cupcakes just to make someone’s day.

Our compassion is our fiercest trait.


No, not all women are alike. We each have different traits and come from different places, but we are all united by one thing; a vagina. It is difficult to understand and a little strange, but it has the capacity to do amazing things.

What better way to describe women?

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