Stock Photo Titles

So I stumbled upon something hilarious. I was combing through cringy stock photos on the hunt for something I could use for a different post, and something popped up that I had never noticed before. Even better than the overly-posed photos against white backdrops is the photo titles.

To make finding your dream stock photo as simple as possible, the website provides you with an uncomfortably specific title to hit as many keywords as possible.

It’s great.

Here are some of my favorites.

Team of Casual Young People Holding Blank Banner


Just look how casual they are. Don’t those thumbs up scream casual?

Worried Businessman Lamenting in front of a Computer after a Big Mistake at Office


He knew he shouldn’t have opened that email at work.

They Can Work Anywhere! Top View of Three Young People Working Together While Sitting Outdoors


Those young people, they are just so versatile. They can work from anywhere!

Portrait of Little Baby Girl at Home on the Day of Birth in a Dress with Colorful Balls Smiles and Laughs


I believe those “colorful balls” are what we like to call balloons. Just a guess, though.

Disgusted Woman Rejecting a Geek Boy Offering Flowers in a Blind Date in a Coffee Shop Interior


Don’t worry Geek Boy, I’m sure you’ll find a better modeling gig in the near future.

Feeling Exhausted. Frustrated Young Beard Man Massaging his Nose and Keeping Eyes Closed While Sitting at his Working Place in Office


“Young Beard Man”

Group of Emotional Friends with Their Hands Raised


Why are they so emotional? What does this mean?

Young Man Thinking Daydreaming Worried Deeply About Something, Uh Oh Made a Mistake


Uh oh, someone forgot all of their punctuation.

Four Mimes Standing in Awe at the Background of a Red Wall


They’re in awe….of the red wall?

Mood Changes in a Woman in her Day Period


I’d be offended, but I’m not even entirely sure what the insult is.

Stressful People Waiting for Job Interview


Well, I wouldn’t want to interview any of them if they are such stressful people. Also, how does anyone know what kind of people they are, they have no heads.

Anyways, there was a total waste of your time. Hope you come back!

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