Music to Fall in Love

I’m in an annoyingly good mood lately.

The sun is so sunny and the air is warm enough not to freeze my snot to my upper lip. All weekend I was able to wear a light jacket. For anyone who lives in the midwest, you know how incredible that is for the beginning of February.

Like any normal midwesterner, one taste of warmth and I’ve already started planning my summer vacations and shopping for rompers online. Nevermind that it will probably snow next week, I’m in a summer state of mind.

My absolute favorite thing to do in the summer is driving around listening to music. Hair tangled from the wind, headed nowhere, getting an awkward sunburn on one arm. I fell in love the summer after freshmen year of college driving in circles for hours with a certain boy listening to Fun and talking about every single thing we could think of.

There’s just something wonderful about a fast car and a deep bass.

I know it’s still cold as balls out, but this is my playlist to turn up in the car and warm your heart a little.

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