Music for Feeling

As a 23-year-old, I find myself questioning everything about my life on a daily basis.

Am I following the path that I should be? Am I missing out on something? If time flies by so quickly, what should I be focusing on right now? How do I fold a fitted sheet?

Will I ever stop having these questions?

I try to operate by an optimism policy. I tell myself that I must be optimistic whenever possible and look for a silver lining in every situation. Most of the time I’m able to stick to this. However, there times when life feels like an overwhelming pile of obligations, future planning, and crappy people. At moments like that, it’s hard to hold on to that optimism.

When that overwhelming feeling hits, I slide on headphones so I can’t hear anything but this playlist and my own stupid thoughts, and let all the anxiety roll in. I think about what’s scaring me, what hurts, and every single one of my self-doubts. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I even drop a tear or two.

Music making you emotional is totally normal, right?

If you just need some time to yourself to feel all the feels, here is my favorite playlist stacked with all the songs that hit me right in the heart.

It’s also great for studying or napping. In case you aren’t constantly going through an internal crisis.


1 Comment

  1. Yes Kierstyn, music making you emotional is totally normal. What i want to know is what came first; the music or the emotions. Did we learn to connect certain feelings with certain emotions because of our exposure to them during certain occasions, because of the lyrics of the music, or because of the situations depicted in the video. Or are we tuned in to the music of the universe. I am brought to moments of extreme joy listening to the guitar leads of some songs regardless of the lyrics of the song. You can see where i fall in this debate, I think music is a universal language that can elicit intense feelings. (A study of how babies respond to music would be interesting).. Why it does so is a mystery to me and that is why i find it such a wondrous thing. I have memories of laying in bed in the morning and listening to the music of the birds out my open window. I don’t think we need to wonder if animals are moved by music, I wonder if music is just feeling-language. Maybe before we developed language we sang to each other. i do not believe that words have the ability to actually transfer the way a person is feeling to another person as concisely or efficiently as music, Yes. it is not a good medium for telling someone how to build a house but if your a whale you don’t need a house. But it must be good for “i’m happy cause my belly is full of krill, there is more than i could possibly eat alone.”


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