Why Having a Sister-in-Law is the Best

Today is my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday. Since she doubles as my sister-in-law as well as my best friend, I thought it would be a good time to talk about all of the things that make having a sister-in-law equally as great as being married. We tell practically everyone that we meet is that I only married her brother so that we could be sisters (He’s only mildly offended by this).

If you have a sister-in-law then you know how great it is. It changes everything to have an ally in your corner who’s just as excited to have you around as you are to have her around. So, here are some of my favorite things about having a sister from another mister.

She’s the only person who understands what your spouse is like.

Whenever you get agitated with your hubby for one of his (very few) frustrating traits and you feel like no one in the world understands how you feel in that moment, your sister-in-law locks eyes with you across the room. They say, “Girl, I know, I’ve been dealing with this for 21 years.”

Your few blissful years with your spouse have nothing on the life-long journey of fighting over toys, back-seat road trips, and arguments about who is the favorite child that your sister-in-law has gone through with him.

That rage boiling in your stomach? She’s feeling it too.

You stand up for each other.

If there are two people in the world that your hubby is willing to go toe-to-toe with, it’s you and his sister. This means that the two of you have this unspoken pact to stick together in the event that he decides to get sassy. It doesn’t matter who’s actually right. The point is to be each other’s back-up, no matter what the situation.

This applies to the parents too. Sisters have to stick together.

You have someone to hang out with on family vacations.

Your whole life, whenever you went on vacation you hoped your parents would let you bring a friend along. Family vacations were always ten times better when you got to spend the week giggling with your BFF and looking for any cute boys. Now, when you go on trips with your in-laws, your bestie is already built in with the vacation.

Of course, you hang out with your hubby and the rest of the family, but they aren’t always going to want to do what you want to do. Your hubby isn’t going to lay out tanning with you or take a jog down the beach or scan through sales racks with you. But your sister-in-law sure will.

You’re bad influences on each other.

In the best way. They will always be the one to encourage you to eat that extra donut or get another tattoo. They always say yes when you ask if you should buy a $100 pair of leggings and you always urge them to just tell the boy they like how they feel.

You always support each other’s ideas because you think all of your ideas are great, even if that isn’t always true.

You have someone to share secrets with.

The sister-in-law code is a strict one. Any secret information swapped between the two parties with be done with no judgment and will not be shared with any third-party unless allowed by the secret holding sister.

Since you’re friends first and foremost, you don’t have the same sort of family judgment that you do with your biological siblings. That I’ve known you since the day you were born and I expected better of you type of judgment. With your sister-in-law, it’s more of a you do you, boo.

As for the secret, since you don’t share the same friend group and you don’t share the same parents, you know that a secret shared with your sister-in-law will stay with them.

She is the best friend you never knew you needed.

You know when you’re in a relationship and think to yourself, “I don’t even remember what my life was like before I knew this person.”

That’s how you feel about your sister-in-law. The moment she comes into your life you forget what it was like before you called her family. All you know is that you now have a friend for life. A damn good one, if I might add.

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