When you Have an Irregular Regular Nam​e

You respond to mispronunciations.

If someone yells KIR-STIN, I’ll turn around. No, it’s definitely not how it’s pronounced but I get called that so often that the reaction is learned.

giphy (1)

Every important phone call starts with, “Could you spell that for me?”

“That’s Kierstyn, K-I-E-R-S-T-Y-N, Robbins, with two B’s…….Yea, K-I-E-R-S-T-Y-N. Thanks.”

giphy (3)

Sometimes you’re not even sure you spelled it right.

There have been an absurd number of instances that I’ve written my name down and then read it over again a few times to make sure it was spelled right. Sometimes it just looks funny.

giphy (6)

You always get the username you want.

KierstynRobbins is always available. Without a doubt. Every time.


“My sister’s name is Kierstyn, but she spells it differently!”

My name isn’t all that uncommon. A lot of people have met at least one Kierstyn in their life. The difference is, we are all unicorns in our spelling (If you find a Kjersten, you’re really lucky). So I’m always prepared for a, “Oh, my cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s name is Kierstyn but she spells it Kwrqsten.”


You’re fiercely protective of your name just the way it is.

I, like anyone else with an irregular regular name, believe that Kierstyn (KEER-STIHN) is the greatest and only way the name should be done. All other spellings and pronunciations are inferior to mine.

giphy (5)

Lol Starbucks.

Most of the time, the baristas just stare at me, sharpie poised over the cup, waiting for me to spell it. If I’m lucky they just go for it and I end up with Kirsten, Kyrstin or Kersten.

giphy (4)

Some people don’t even try and just call you something slightly related to your name (Christian, Christina, Krista).

“Hi, my name is Kierstyn.”
“Lovely to meet you Christian!”
“Yup, that exactly what I just said out loud to your face two seconds ago.”

giphy (2)

But mostly you just love it

It’s hard to spell, hard to say correctly, and super annoying sometimes, but it makes you special and that that makes it worth it.


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