When You Come From a Big Family

1. You need clarification

“Have you talked to your brother lately?”
“Which one?”


2. You never know what they’re up to

“So how is your brother?”
“Um, I think he lives in Colorado now?”


3. You have nightmares about the middle seat in the car

Not only do I have a lot of siblings, but I’m the youngest.
Middle seat for life.


4 You can’t afford Christmas

Do I really have to get a gift for all of them?


5. You build an army of little minions

Three nieces, two nephews, and I’m only twenty-three!

giphy (3)

6. Finding a time to get the whole family together takes a miracle

As long as we get half, we count that as a win.

giphy (4).gif

7. When you do get together, it turns into a giant storytime

“Remember that time”

giphy (5).gif

8. Family drama gets confusing

Wait, who’s not talking to who? I can’t keep up.

giphy (2).gif

9. There are so many birthdays to remember

Especially when all but one is in July or August.


10. They’re a headache, but you love them.

The more family I have to stuff in my heart, the bigger is gets.

giphy (1)

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