Music for Your Emo Heart

I dabbled in the emo life for a few years in my teens. Though I wasn’t as committed as a lot of my black eye-lined, flat ironed banged peers. I had black wide-legged jeans and my Myspace background was always some sort of sparkly skull, or whatever, but I was pretty mainstream emo.

My iPod would not have shocked a more seasoned emo than myself. It was loaded with the classics and maybe just a few obscure titles that I’d heard on one of my friends mix CDs . For the most part, they were the ones that every pretend emo knew.

If you didn’t ugly cry after a fight with you parents to I’m Just A Kid, then did you even really mean those black Sharpie hearts you drew on graph paper?

Anyways, we’re older now. We can’t wear our band tees to work and mesh, fingerless gloves are a thing of the past, but we don’t have to let it all go. Next time you find yourself in a car with some of the other people who were there for your “dark period”, here’s a playlist to crank and scream/sing while remembering just how hormonal you all used to be.

I do miss those heavy guitar solos.

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