My Favorite Songs

Last week, Dark Blue was on my emo throwback playlist. I mentioned that it is my favorite song in the universe. That got me thinking, what is it that makes this song so special to me? Actually, what is it about all of the songs I hold dearest to my heart that makes me listen to them on an endless loop without getting sick of them? I once listen to Ships in the Night by Matt Kearny on repeat for six hours while studying during finals week.

I think normal people, of which I am not, connect their favorite songs to memories or a reminder of a person they care about. For me, it doesn’t have to do with anything so ordinary.

I’ve always been one of those people who needs a soundtrack. I have songs for when I’m happy, sad, angry, heartbroken, hyped, or whatever other emotion my little sensitive body can hold. At the risk of sounding like a psycho or that guy with a guitar at the bonfire, music takes whatever I’m feeling and intensifies it. When I’m feeling blue, I put on some light indie music and sing/choke/sob. When I’m on my drive from Milwaukee to Madison to see my friends, I crank Party in the USA and head bang (Unless there is a car next to me. I’m not that crazy).

The playlist below is short, but it’s all of my absolute favorite songs. The ones I’ve played at least a million times and know every lyric to. The ones I’ve picked lyrics from that I will someday tattoo on my body. Yet, no matter how many times I’ve heard them, they hit me in the feels. I’m listening to them as I type this and I have chills. I know, I’m a weirdo.

Side note, I know that I tend to be a bit of a dark soul, but I didn’t realize until after putting this together that it’s something of a downer. So, definitely not a recommendation for a road trip…..or party….or smiling. Sorry, fam.

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