Music for Working Out

I believe with my whole heart that a good playlist is vital for a successful workout. You have to stack the whole thing with songs that hype you up to an annoying degree. The kind of songs that, if they came on in a bar, you would instantly speak over whoever you’re with to let them know this is your song.

I think by now, if you’ve been keeping up with my Monday Music posts, you have an idea of the kind of music that I’m into. Slow, sad, nap time jams. So, I’m sure you’re thinking, what does someone like that listen to when getting hyped?

The answer, my friends, is 2000’s mainstream hip-hop. Duh. I went through some weird phases in high school when I thought I was hard (very heavy air-quotes and eye-rolls here)While I’ve since realized I’m about as badass as a teddy bear, I still came out of it with an appreciation for flat brim hats and hip hop. When I’m pumping iron (re: pressing baby weights into the air with much struggle) there is no better way to get through those last few reps than Lil Jon screaming in my ear.

This playlist is a lot of the early 2000’s, a little of the last couple years, and there are even a few 90’s hits on there (I almost said “bangers” but had to remind myself that I am still a teddy bear). Then, there are just a few other random songs that I like when exercising.

Anything to keep me hyped enough to finish my whole workout instead of cutting it short and going to Taco Bell instead.

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