My Celebrity Crushes: A Retrospective

Since I seem to be on the topic of crushes this week. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and revisit some of the awkward interests I’ve had.



Usher was my first celebrity crush. What drew me, a small town child, to an adult R&B singer is beyond me. I remember the moment it happened. I was watching MTV and a video of Usher performing on stage, dancing around all by himself, hitting that falsetto like a god, came on and sent my little heart a-flutter. I spend many years after that adoring him until his music became total garbage. #BringBackConfessionsUsher2k17

Alex Evans


So here’s a major turn from my first celebrity crush. If you don’t know who Alex Evans is then I can safely assume you are not a girl in your early twenties who spent her middle school years piling on eyeliner while listening to Mayday Parade. Alex was the kind of boy that girls like that dreamed about. He was a MySpace celebrity (remember when those existed), he had swoopy black hair, blue eyes to get lost in, and he wrote cute notes on the palm of his hand. I thought he was basically my dark soul-mate. I imagined our future together to be a mix of Converse shoes and depressing poetry.

Zac Efron


I went from the smooth crooner to an emo child to the preppiest human yet to be found on planet earth. What can I say? I’m accepting of all types. I feel like Zac is a no-brainer. Every girl my age swooned non-stop for an hour-and-a-half as he poorly lip-synched and awkwardly danced his way into our hearts. He was cute, approachable, and looked confused 90% of the time. Not even the horribly cringy Bet On It in HSM2 could dim our love for him. While this crush developed in 2006, it never really went away because, somehow, he continues to get hotter with each passing year. Is he even a human?

Taylor Lautner


If I was wrapped up in High School Musical, then you know I got caught up in the Twilight series as well. I actually made it through the beginning of the movie franchise without a crush on any of the characters. Robert Pattinson is about as appealing as kale to me. Even Taylor in the first film was a miss. I thought I had successfully evaded being just another of a million girls with a crush on the same guy. But then, he cut his hair and was standing in the rain, dripping wet, trying not to cry. How was I supposed to ignore that?! I thought I was strong, but there I was, cutting out pictures of him to put in my school binder.

Cam Gigandet

Get Some

Never Back Down is, and always will be, one of my favorite movies despite its horrible reviews. While Sean Faris, who played the main character, was also very cute with a perfectly placed mole, it was not he who stole my teenage heart. Cam played the bad guy, but those abs and heavy eyebrows made him good in my book. I watched that movie repeatedly one summer and fast forwarded to all the scenes with Cam. He looked cute even when getting the snot beat out of him.


In case you’re curious, my current celebrity heartthrob is Jason Momoa. That is a MAN. *fans self*


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