10 Ways My Inner April Ludgate Comes Out at Work

At work, I think it’s important to be professional and keep emotion out of things. I try to go in with a positive attitude and have good interactions with the co-workers.

However, I can’t help what goes on inside of me. Somewhere, tucked behind the optimism, there is an April Ludgate hiding in my core. Even if I do my best not to show it, there is a dark-haired, anti-social, pessimist with lots of opinions trying to break through.

She’s a lot like this:

1. How I feel the first ten minutes of every work day

anigif_enhanced-buzz-15759-1372285772-31 (1)

2. When someone sends me a nasty email and I choose to rise above them and send an only slightly passive-aggressive response


3. When someone on the team has an idea and they won’t let it go, no matter how many times we’ve told them it won’t work


4. When I’m in the middle of a two-hour meeting and suddenly hear my name


5. When I have a meeting right before lunch and it’s running long


6. When I’m working with new people and have to introduce myself to the room

giphy (1)

7. Every time I get my paycheck and see how much is being taken out for taxes, 401k, and insurance


8. When my boss asks me in my yearly review what my career goals are


9. When my boss gives me a new project when I’m already too busy


10. When I have to send an email / make a phone call / walk over to someone’s desk / attend a meeting / exist


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