10 Ways My Inner April Ludgate Comes Out at Work

At work, I think it's important to be professional and keep emotion out of things. I try to go in with a positive attitude and have good interactions with the co-workers. However, I can't help what goes on inside of me. Somewhere, tucked behind the optimism, there is an April Ludgate hiding in my core. … Continue reading 10 Ways My Inner April Ludgate Comes Out at Work

My Celebrity Crushes: A Retrospective

Since I seem to be on the topic of crushes this week. Let's take a little trip down memory lane and revisit some of the awkward interests I've had. Usher Usher was my first celebrity crush. What drew me, a small town child, to an adult R&B singer is beyond me. I remember the moment … Continue reading My Celebrity Crushes: A Retrospective

Ten Things You Know If You Grew Up In Wisconsin

I am a Wisconsinite through and through. After being born and raised in a little town outside of Madison, I took my big city dreams and moved to Milwaukee.... ....It's funny if you're from Wisconsin. Wisconsin isn't exactly the most popular destination in this country and unless you live here, it's a place most people … Continue reading Ten Things You Know If You Grew Up In Wisconsin

10 Stages of Runner’s Denial

Runner's are an insane bunch. We trade pain, blisters, chaffing, shin splints, ugly feet, and a large chunk of our free-time for what? Pounding our feet into cement for hours until we can't breathe anymore? I don't know, man, but I love that shit. The other thing that runners consistently do is refuse to admit anything that … Continue reading 10 Stages of Runner’s Denial

When You Come From a Big Family

1. You need clarification "Have you talked to your brother lately?" "Which one?" 2. You never know what they're up to "So how is your brother?" "Um, I think he lives in Colorado now?" 3. You have nightmares about the middle seat in the car Not only do I have a lot of siblings, but … Continue reading When You Come From a Big Family

When you Have an Irregular Regular Nam​e

You respond to mispronunciations. If someone yells KIR-STIN, I'll turn around. No, it's definitely not how it's pronounced but I get called that so often that the reaction is learned. Every important phone call starts with, "Could you spell that for me?" "That's Kierstyn, K-I-E-R-S-T-Y-N, Robbins, with two B's.......Yea, K-I-E-R-S-T-Y-N. Thanks." Sometimes you're not even sure … Continue reading When you Have an Irregular Regular Nam​e