“I’m Just Not Meant for a Desk Job”

This is arguably the most annoying thing that people say to me when I tell them about my job. I explain to them how I spend 8+ hours sitting in a beige cubicle, staring at my dual-monitors, writing technical documents for heating and cooling equipment and their response is often, Oof, I could never do … Continue reading “I’m Just Not Meant for a Desk Job”

I Don’t Know What Happiness Looks Like

I was eight-years-old the first time I remember feeling overwhelmed by simple emotions. I was sitting alone at my little desk in my mom's home office working on math homework, my gangly legs swinging from the chair. I was staring at a row of multiplication problems and I didn't have the slightest idea of how … Continue reading I Don’t Know What Happiness Looks Like

#HowIWillChange Isn’t Asking for Much

If you didn't feel a pain in your chest over the past couple of days reading stories of #metoo, then you might not have a soul. Scrolling through my feed and seeing that blue hashtag over and over was a reminder that so many of us have shared this experience. My only wish is that … Continue reading #HowIWillChange Isn’t Asking for Much

Lean into Weakness

At the beginning of this summer, I injured my foot while running. Because of my injury, I was pretty much sidelined from running for the rest of the season. This, of course, is heartbreaking when you live in Wisconsin because there are only a few good months of outdoor running, and I missed most of … Continue reading Lean into Weakness

The Limitless Finnish

I learned a new word today and I think it's my new favorite. Yes, I have favorite words. Stop judging me. Sisu. "Sisu" is a Finnish word, more of a lifestyle, that we have no duplicate for in English. Here's a rough translation: "Extraordinary determination, courage, and resoluteness in the face of extreme adversity. An … Continue reading The Limitless Finnish

You Can be Filled with Love and Anger at the Same Time

Hey, it's your favorite vegan, hippie, back at it again, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Let's just jump right into it. There has been a lot of nasty shiz going on lately. As I'm sure you've seen, your favorite internet warriors of peace (guilty myself) take these opportunities to remind us that love … Continue reading You Can be Filled with Love and Anger at the Same Time