On a rainy Monday in 2016, I walked into a conference room at work covered floor to ceiling in Post-it notes to meet with the UX teaM.

A few hours of research readouts and persona reviews later, I was in love. I knew UX is where I belonged.

I began pestering the team to allow me to sit in on meetings, teach me about UX, and spending evenings reading design books and playing around with different prototyping tools. It was a two year effort, filled with long hours and convincing management to give me a shot, but I made it to the UX team and I have loved every day since. Now, I get to be a designer and a student while I work to obtain a MS in Design & Innovation.

I am passionate about my work. Three years in and I still smile when I get to tell people that I am a User Experience Designer. If you invest in me, I will bring that dedication and excitement to your team. I don’t know everything there is to know about this industry, but I will continue to pursue knowledge and find the answers I don’t have.

Who Am I?


As a kid who grew up drawing stick figures, I never thought I would end up with a title like this. However, I have grown to love creating interesting ways create experiences and exploring new styles to grow as a designer.


Yes, this means I cry at any remotely emotional movie I watch, but it also means that I am dedicated to building connections through understanding. There is no meaningful way to help unless I investigate where help is needed.


I am a lover of language and engaging storytelling. Whether it is through well-written content or a carefully constructed experience, I believe that a good story should be exciting and memorable.


As an extrovert, I enjoy being part of something bigger to create personal and professional bonds. While I also enjoy working independently to get the job done, I look forward to coming back together in the end to celebrate our successes.